~ Morning

I’m about to go to school right now, and I’m kind of lazy. Mehhh, its also very cold outside. And I’m having PE outside …. very far from school. We have to walk to a field, and do PE there. The last time I went there with the class we learned how to play softball. The Teachers said I was quite good , even tho I thought I sucked. Also I have economics today .___. on the last test I got a very low grade, can you imagine that. But its because I barely filled in the questions, I was too unsure , I didn’t learn well & I wasn’t feeling well. Actually I did learn it but somehow It didn’t get in my head FUUUUUU. Sucks. So today the teacher is gonna tell the answers and shizz :]
Also I made some banners, I’ll probaly post them tomorrow…maybe. They are ugly but I’ll see.

Gotta go walking ~


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Hi I'm Adrie and this is my blog :]
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One Response to ~ Morning

  1. Cindy says:

    >_< stumbled upon the blog..haha. xD
    gah, i disliked p.e. when i had it freshman year,
    hope you did well on your test thing though;]

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