I learned allot of things today

You don’t wanna end up as me. LOL honestly, I wish I went to another appropiate forum instead of 6theory lolz.
But the most forums I know aren’t as active as 6theory.  I should play that typing game instead of commenting on topics. fo real.

Something crazy happend at schoo, I wont type it because people may be lurkin. Srs.

So I wont have my calculator till MONDAY. I’m such an easy person, and that bothers me pretty much. People don’t care about me when it comes to it. I have to do my homework, and without my calculator half of it is impossible. I do have some calculators at home but I need my OWN one. I was supposed to get it after school but no, people careless about me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I won’t borrow things as easly anymore. I just realized  borrowing things to classmates you barely talk to isn’t right. Because there is probaly a bigger chance that you wont get is back. And it proves that people only care about theirselfs, even if they are borrowing stuff.
But I’m guessing Its all my fault for thrusting people like that. I’m so stupid.


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2 Responses to I learned allot of things today

  1. lammy says:

    you know. i lent my friend my calculator.
    this guy lent another guy.
    the another lost it -_-

    and it was a scientific calculator.

    i was so pissed off.
    and i couldnt even say anything.
    they are so casual about it.

    and. 6theory is awesome 😀

    • adrieee says:

      Indeed, When borrowing something like calculators at least think of the person you are borrowing it from. Actually he needs to buy you a new one.
      Lol I hate it when people are casual about it, as if it isn’t important.

      I still don’t have my calculator…. its almost a week now

      6theory is indeed awsome.

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