What To Do

I still don’t have my calculator back, and I really need it. I don’t really understand why she can’t see my calculator is very important to me. She’s probably gonna give it to me after the vacation, but how can I do my math homework without it ?

Why is everybody so mean ? First people say I shouldn’t let people make me small, I need to dare more etc. But as soon as I do that all of a sudden I’m being mean. And when I don’t people are still whining about me. I don’t really get it ? WHO DO THEY WANT ME TO BE ? all of a sudden I’m soooo rude because I refuse something. Sorry but I can’t do EVERYTHING, so when I say no just accept it. Saying no doesn’t mean I’m rude. I have this all the time. I’m really starting to hate my class more. Seriously. Why are (some of) my classmates making my life so sour ? I really miss my old class, they weren’t like that. They were cooler, they were awsome and they knew how sensitive I was. And they didn’t take advantage of me. Now I feel like skipping school everyday.

~song of the day; Namolla Family ft Tae In – Do not call.


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