What To Do

I still don’t have my calculator back, and I really need it. I don’t really understand why she can’t see my calculator is very important to me. She’s probably gonna give it to me after the vacation, but how can I do my math homework without it ?

Why is everybody so mean ? First people say I shouldn’t let people make me small, I need to dare more etc. But as soon as I do that all of a sudden I’m being mean. And when I don’t people are still whining about me. I don’t really get it ? WHO DO THEY WANT ME TO BE ? all of a sudden I’m soooo rude because I refuse something. Sorry but I can’t do EVERYTHING, so when I say no just accept it. Saying no doesn’t mean I’m rude. I have this all the time. I’m really starting to hate my class more. Seriously. Why are (some of) my classmates making my life so sour ? I really miss my old class, they weren’t like that. They were cooler, they were awsome and they knew how sensitive I was. And they didn’t take advantage of me. Now I feel like skipping school everyday.

~song of the day; Namolla Family ft Tae In – Do not call.

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I learned allot of things today

You don’t wanna end up as me. LOL honestly, I wish I went to another appropiate forum instead of 6theory lolz.
But the most forums I know aren’t as active as 6theory.  I should play that typing game instead of commenting on topics. fo real.

Something crazy happend at schoo, I wont type it because people may be lurkin. Srs.

So I wont have my calculator till MONDAY. I’m such an easy person, and that bothers me pretty much. People don’t care about me when it comes to it. I have to do my homework, and without my calculator half of it is impossible. I do have some calculators at home but I need my OWN one. I was supposed to get it after school but no, people careless about me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I won’t borrow things as easly anymore. I just realized  borrowing things to classmates you barely talk to isn’t right. Because there is probaly a bigger chance that you wont get is back. And it proves that people only care about theirselfs, even if they are borrowing stuff.
But I’m guessing Its all my fault for thrusting people like that. I’m so stupid.

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~ Morning

I’m about to go to school right now, and I’m kind of lazy. Mehhh, its also very cold outside. And I’m having PE outside …. very far from school. We have to walk to a field, and do PE there. The last time I went there with the class we learned how to play softball. The Teachers said I was quite good , even tho I thought I sucked. Also I have economics today .___. on the last test I got a very low grade, can you imagine that. But its because I barely filled in the questions, I was too unsure , I didn’t learn well & I wasn’t feeling well. Actually I did learn it but somehow It didn’t get in my head FUUUUUU. Sucks. So today the teacher is gonna tell the answers and shizz :]
Also I made some banners, I’ll probaly post them tomorrow…maybe. They are ugly but I’ll see.

Gotta go walking ~

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Idek where I got this Idea to blog :] But I guess I need a place to let my feelings out. And where I can trash stuff (:

It took me forever to make this blog, most blog were allready taken… So I opened my playlist and saw the song ” Pocket Full of Sunshine ” So I decided to try something with ” Pocket Full of [insertword] ” and later I came on with kisses :]

This is my first entry :]


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